Mike Versuz


MIKE VERSUZ is a French electronic music producer from Aix-en-Provence. He started producing at the age of 18. He produces in different styles: Progressive- House, House, Tech-House, Deep-House, and Techno.Since 2014, MIKE VERSUZ collaborates with Fiben remixing iconic titles: ‘Signature’, ‘Iberica’, ‘Aurora Borealis’, and ‘Legacy.’Suicide Robot label announced MIKE VERSUZ’s first EP ‘Is Killing Me’ entirely remixed by HR (UK) with Tech-House and Deep-House sounds in September 2018. MIKE VERSUZ released his first album ‘Signature’ on 12 Inch Recordings label entirely remixed by Fiben in November 2018. Several titles of this album appear on prestigious compilations like MIAMI TO IBIZA 2018 (DNCTRX), BEST OF PROGRESSIVE HOUSE 2018 (Press Play), and THIS IS PROGRESSIVE HOUSE 2018 (Weekend Weapons).


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