Mirko Di Florio


A world with no music is no my world! This is what feels the Italian Dj/Producer Mirko Di Florio.
Born In Italy he realised since he was very young that there was something special between music and him, in fact he started to play the Piano at the early age of 4 year.
Growing up he closed to the house music world expecially in the famous Club Called Guendalina where most of the world 's top dj's play and it's there where he decided to be a Dj.
Fastly he played in local Clubs having always more success but playing wasn't enough for him, he wanted to make his own Music.
With his knowledge of Piano wasn't so hard to make his first track and after some time he developed a collabortion with Matt Tolfrey.
In 2013 he released his first track "feet" on Leftroom Records and in 2014 he released "The Return" on the most important Release of the label "The Extended Family part 3"
After One Season in Ibiza he's growing up as a DJ/Producer trying to give His influence to the Underground world with innovative music.


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Releases in Top 100 33
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Days in Top 100 Releases 1237
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