MODUS DJ (Salvatore Modeo) was born on 29th March 1987 in Manduria, a small town in Taranto district. The night life atmosphere of the 1990s influenced the artistic development of DJ MODUS. Indeed when he was 12 years old he met all those people (DJs and technicians of Radio Meeting that was one of the most successful local radio stations in the province of Taranto), who were encouraging the flowering and success of the so called “Golden Age” of the nocturnal entertainment in Manduria. It was not by chance that the owner of Radio Meeting, Gregorio Zito, whose nickname was MAX DJ, started following the young DJ’s career, in that period nicknamed as “SALVO”; MAX DJ trusted Salvo, his spirit and his seriousness. The relationship between them is going on up to now.During the period of his artistic, personal and musical growing Modus has embarked on different experiences by which he has reached gradually a strong personality which is both serious and extravagant, versatile and determined. This has allowed him to be appreciated not only for his professional ability but also for his care and industry at the console. Since the beginning of his career he has taken care of his look along with his style, both of them led to an original, fashionable good looking, yet, at the same time, he has tried to preserve those classical standards which have always associated music with look.Theme nights involve MODUS completely, from dress to music selection. As far as this last one, he blends and harmonizes different, original, unexpected inserts by which MODUS wins the public favour, people behave in an excited yet controlled way .Tradition and technological innovation are the positive aspects of his work: indeed MODUS is as successful in playing an old electronic music vinyl disc as in playing, live, electronic keyboard, controller or, simply, an iPhone.MODUS is not only a DJ. After experiencing in his sets mashes up and personal melodies, in 2010 MODUS undertook his own musical production. Nowadays he composes , above all, musical pieces on a wide range from tribal house music to commercial music, from modern electronic compositions to old classical songs now revised to the house rhythm. In March 2011 he was, for the first time, at MIAMI WMC and DMMC; he took part in a world competition with other DJs from all over the world. On occasion of this important event he held the second position and gave evidence of his ability, his style and his updated ideas.


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Releases in Top 100 27
Days in Top 100 Tracks 320
Days in Top 100 Releases 991
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