Mr. V


Versatile and determined, Victor Font (a.k.a. Mr.V) is set to become a major force in the music industry. With a life-long interest in music, Victor emerges from New York City's club scene as a well-respected DJ and budding producer/remixer.

Born in Manhattan's Lower East Side in 1974, the Nuyorican discovered a great love of music at a very young age. Victor was introduced to the club scene by his aunt, who was a bouncer at the now legendary nightclub, The World. By the age of fourteen, Victor started DJing with help from neighborhood friends. After graduating from High School, Victor was so consumed with DJing, he spent most of his nights practicing or visiting the clubs, listening, watching and learning from other DJs. Determined to have his own audience, Victor spun at as many house parties as he could, until he finally got his first official gig as Mr.V at Timmy Richardson's 2i's party in NY.

Widely influenced and open-minded, Victor sites House, Hip-Hop, Latin, Garage and Disco classics, Rhythm and Blues and Jazz as his main musical influences. Victor has displayed his turntable talents at many popular nightclubs in New York and across the globe, including Bang The Party (NYC), Club Cielo (NYC), Club Andalu in Washington D.C., Club Core (Tokyo, Japan), Southport Weekender (London, U.K. 2003), Louie Vega's Dance Ritual (NYC), Sonic Arch (Santo Domingo), Devotion - The End Up (San Francisco), Roots at Club Cielo (NYC), Layers (Toronto, Canada) and Audio Deluxe in Edinburgh, Scotland, to name a few. Gaining many contacts through the years, the friendly DJ eventually garnered a position at the Masters At Work record label, as assistant to Louie Vega. The position would bring him around world and give him a first-hand glimpse at the booming global dance scene. Adding to his repertoire, Victor has recently evolved in to music production. His debut remix with Alix Alvarez, "The Anthem"' was released on Underground Collective Recordings in 2002, with much success, and Victor has many more projects in store.

With years of experience, the young DJ recommends that up-and-comers keep their ears and minds open to the dance music genre. Victor remains an integral part of the music and club scene, as a gifted DJ and aspiring producer with new ideas and a fresh sound. Dancing to the beat of his own drum, he hopes to become a force in the dance music industry and blaze a trail for other DJs to follow in the future.


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Releases #1 13
Tracks in Top 10 4
Releases in Top 10 27
Tracks in Top 100 37
Releases in Top 100 110
Days in Top 100 Tracks 1477
Days in Top 100 Releases 11156
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