OCH has been an active figure in the UK music scene since the late 1990’s - some will remember him as the lively character working for one of the capitals best known record stores or his work as a DJ/Studio equipment journalist.Globally he is recognized as the first of a new generation of producers to grace the institutional Trelik and PAL SL imprints - receiving critical acclaim for his “Whalesong EP” which hit Groove Magazine Germany’s No1 Spot.His own Autoreply and Stuga Musik imprints have hosted the likes of Jerome Sydenham, Claro Intelecto, Agaric, Dan Curtin and Ed Davenport since 2008 incarnation. As a remix artist OCH has graced labels such as Paris’ Bass Culture, Hold Youth and Dusseldorf's Systematic to name a few.Now relocated to the healthy, relaxed environment of Sweden, OCH continues to travel worldwide as a DJ/live performer. Keep your eye’s peeled for the imminent arrival of his debut album.


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