Born in Madrid in 1990 and 1991, they live in Madrid now. Both artists approached the electronic music world individually and at an early age.When they finished their music education in 2015 and 2016, Music Production Degree (OIBAF) and a Technician Degree in Sound (WALLEN) they decided to start working together in a serious and commited way.Just right after 2 months working as one team in the studio, they published their first release thanks to the new and powerful WHAT CAME FIRST record, which belongs to the popular and well known EGG Club in London.This track called “Heartless” has been included in an important compilation of Various Artists and it is their starting point. Both artist also have the pleasure to have their track selected and used by the EGG team in several videoflyers for the Autumn/Winter Season 2017/2018 presentation in all the club social networks and has been well accepted by the public ."Heartless" track has recieved the support of very important people from this music world such asJoseph Capriati, Guy Gerber, Davide Squillace, Richy Ahmed, Luigi Madonna, Alexi Delano, Mat.Joe, and others.In 2017/2018, they will release a complete EP with 3 tracks thanks to MINDS OF SIN record from Canada, where other artists have a very good reputation as for instance A.Paul, Cristian Varela, The Advent or Industrialyzer. They will release some tracks too in labels as Eisenwaren (Düsseldorf) and TAISH (Alicante) among others.As DJs, the duet offers an authentic show as they have different styles which together combine very nicely and result in an original interesting and funny mix for the audience.They have consolidated their individual work sharing the stage with Adam Beyer, Joseph Capriati, Joris Voorn or Terry Francis and in clubs as La Riviera, FABRIK Madrid, Marco Aldany, or even in different Spanish cities as Granada,Toledo or Zamora...


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