Oliver Bailey


Oliver Bailey -Dj and Producer passionated about music since childhood
inspired by his father who was vocalist and guitarist in a 80's-90's Rock
Band.He started his firsts steps as a dj in a small club from his hometown
where he discovered the electronic sound and learned the art of mixing from
the resident dj of that club.At that time with the age of 16 it was like a
hobby for him.Passing years that hobby has turned into a real profession
getting to recieve the residency and gigs like guest dj in several
importants clubs.During that time , he succeeded to share sessions with
several importants djs and artists, but also invited like guest dj in
sessions of a long list of pubs and private parties, where for his unique
style of progressive house to the most delicate dance electronic and tech ,
in very little time he wins the crowd.Later he decided to start a new life
beginning to recieve studio and musical training, focusing in produce house
music,releasing multiples productions and remixes.

In 2010 he released the track ''Keep On'' wich in short time was converted
in a great success in nightlife and also in one of the best compilation of
2010 (White Island Winter Compilation) and also the track ''Nothing To
Lose'' wich is one of his best productions raising the number 6 in the chart
of Radio 1 (Greece) .

The tracks ''One More Time'' feat. Dustin Richie and ''Nothing To Lose''
released by Overmind Records (Italy) have been chosen in one of the most
importants compilations cd's of 2011 summer (Ibiza Summer Selection
2011).Currently Oliver Bailey works in several projects trying to give the
best sound to his music.


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