Omega Drive


Omega Drive was born in Sibenik. His career started with the productions 2004g. after 3years hard work, he decided to 2007g. send his stuff too Tony Thomas (UK), owner of many digital labels. Tony Thomas, like his productions, so that made 3 releases and released them on Telepathy Digital label. After that, Omega Drive was opened his first label on 2007. Sound Creator. Sound Creator had a few issues and he simply did not like the label, so he shut down and opened Crioat ian Sound Fact ory, which had about 9- 10 releases. Releases were in the top 10 charts across the many online stores. After that it shuts down the label and opened the now famous ''Techno Artillery'' label. This label is simply a story. So many good releases, producers of high quality and excellent design have led Techno Artillery in the top 20 Techno digit al label in t he world. T echno Art illery is 15.01.2009g. TOP SELLIG named label in the store Beats Digital. At Techno Artillery label is a lot of quality artists such as: Sinisa Tamamović, Mladen Tomic, Dj Bold, DJ Link, M. Goncalo, Gumja Dj, Vestax, Aitor Ronda, Svetec Rantan, Odessa Soundfreaks, Kali, Marco Woods, Vincent de Wit, Fatima Hajji, aka Carl, C- System, Peter Fern, Bob D, and many others.O.D. remixed the well known names such as Dj Link, Axel Karakasis & Dave The Drummer. Techno Artillery tracks has support from world famous names such as Carl Cox, John Askew, Bryan Kearney, Pedro Delgardo, DJ Murphy, Axel Karakasis, Bryan Cox, DJ Link, Wehbba and many others. TAR rec. was published in a top electronic magazin in Spain dj1magazine "the 009th edition of TAR Luky R.D.U. - Combination Ep.Omega Drive from 2007-2012 released over 700 tracks and release to over 50 digital labels. The first vinyl was released 2010g. on Koitus Rec.. Omega Drive in June 2010 year. releasing a release titled ''My Life Is Techno & This Is Who I’m which contained 50 original tracks. After the quality work done with Techno Artillery label, Omega Drive was 2010g. opened Techno Light Artillery Records. Techno Artillery Light label with low bpm music to a 130Bpm. It is based more on the Techno Minimal and Tech-House. With djing it began in 2008 and immediately went to the party organization is called Techno Artillery Label Party Nights. In 2011 year He open his own radio show, ‘’Techno Artillery Radio Show’’ which will host famous names such as: Jel Ford, Dj Pepo, Reaky, David Moleon, Bryan Kearney, A'Paul, Raul Mezcolanza, Veztax, Gumja, DJ Link, Antoni Bios, Dj Simon Hi-Shock and many more. Techno Artillery Radio Show is the first techno radio in Croatia. February 26, 2011 two years of his two tracks was published on compilation Tequila Sunshine Vol.3 on Desperadoz Rec. Tequila Sunshine Vol.3 compilation has been released in the best techno magazine in Germany, ‘’Raveline’’. Omega Drive was 24.2.2011g. issued a release titled ''Omega Drive - Techsturbation Ep'' on the label Techsturbation, owned by DJ Gumja from Slovenia. Shortly after release track ''Symfonija'' with Techsturbation edition finished in first place on Beatport. Omega Drive 31.4.2001 was also published in the most popular Magazine in Bosnia & Heregovina ‘’5 PLUS’’ with Criatian Varela & Jon Rundell. After much hard work and decided to try a new style that is increasingly prevalent in today's techno scene. With techno from 136-140bpm and now produces stylish than 128bpm . Soon after Omega moved on to milder style techno DJ Umek put his track ''Omega Drive - Now Is The Time''in his set titled ''Behind The Iron Curtain 019 (Proton Radio)''His style of music is very energetic and strong, and extends from: Funky, Driving, Melody and Pumping T echno. If you need a good techno, Omega Drive is the man!


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Releases #1 3
Tracks in Top 10 1
Releases in Top 10 9
Tracks in Top 100 19
Releases in Top 100 55
Days in Top 100 Tracks 401
Days in Top 100 Releases 2746
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