Pete le Freq


Pete's been djing for the last 20 years, has played all over the UK and into Europe, spinning with the likes of Inland Knights, The Littlemen, Soydan, Cagedbaby, DIY, Matt Shrewd and loads more. His productions have taken elements of disco, soul, funk, jazz,with a large dose wibbly bass and blended them all together in a deep house smoothie. You'll find them in the boxes of the likes of Kinky Movement, Inland Knights, DJ Heather, and Mark Farina to name but a few.His label Llama Farm Recordings has a solid reputation for delivering the goods, with established artists including Toka Project, Corduroy Mavericks, Rescue, Tourist, Jam Funk and Jackin box.The latest addition to his growing collection of musical pies is The Dial Llama for Funk Show.All types of house - smooth, jackin', jazzy, deep, techy, pie- related, but all funky. Theres a smattering of new productions, mixed in with the latest cuts and old favourites. Basically, if he likes it in the headphones he makes it come out the big speakers!


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