Michael Harvey-Bray - -+44 (0) 20 7400 4500MANAGEMENTAlexander Falkenstein - management@neosignal.deThere are not many words necessary to summarize the creative work of the artist named PHACE; pioneering and progressive.PHACE is the alias used by Florian Harres, an electronic music producer and label owner from Hamburg, Germany. Over the past years, he not only defined an own style of bass-heavy electronic music, but also managed to tour most corners of this planet. Looking at both his strong global following and wide-ranging back-catalogue of releases (on the world’s biggest indie labels such as OWSLA, Mau5trap, Vision, Shogun, Critical, and of course his own imprint Neosignal Recordings), one can easily say that within this style of music it is quite hard to find a comparable contemporary artist shaping a sound and musical movement a similar way.His music receives support by artists such as Amon Tobin, Noisia, Skrillex, Foreign Beggars, Andy-C, Koan Sound, Friction, Goldie, Skream, Alix Perez, Rockwell, Opiuo (to name just a few), and is best described by twisted bass, rhythmical experimentation, high contrast ambience, deep cinematic themes, explosive energy, and yet human analog soul, constantly piquing demand for appearances at clubs, festivals and music media around the globe.// Biography //Voted ‘Best National Drum & Bass Producer and DJ’ already in 2006 (and ‘Best National Producer’ again in 2009) at Germany’s Future Music Awards, Phace has proven early what he’s capable of, both inside the studio and on stage.Phace’s gritty and rebellious debut album ‘Psycho’, released 2007 on Subtitles Music, catapulted the artist to the front of the Drum & Bass scene and was voted Album of the Month

in UK’s Mixmag Magazine.At the end of 2008, Phace joined forces with long-time friend and producer Michael Bräuninger (aka Misanthrop) to launch an own musical platform and label in form of Neosignal Recordings. Renowned for its innovative music and identity, Neosignal quickly evolved to one of the most wanted unground indie-labels of today.In collaboration with Misanthrop and to great international acclaim and attention, Neosignal Recordings released Phace’s second full-length album ‘From Deep Space’ in February 2010.After a worldwide album tour throughout 2010, 2011 marked Phace & Misanthrop’s return to the recorded realm on collaborative Neosignal Recording’s set of singles, including the chart storming ‘Desert Orgy’ and ‘Energy EP series (also featuring works with Noisia and Spor (now known as Feed Me)).Early 2012, Phace and Misanthrop decided to start a new collaborative electronic band project, also named Neosignal, to reach out into new fields of electronic music and sound.In form of a remix for Noisia's 'Stigma' released on Deadmau5's Mau5trap Recordings, the newly formed Neosignal band project found its first appearance, followed by a remix of Rockwell's 'Childhood Memories' (feat. Kito & Sam Frank) on Shogun Audio, and a remix of Koan Sound's 'Eastern Thug', released on Skrillex's OWSLA imprint in September 2012.In 2013 the band Neosignal released their non-Drum & Bass debut LP ‘Raum und Zeit’ on Noisia’s Division Recordings imprint and introduced the world to their unique take on diverse electronic music free from any expectations or restrictions.


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