Pointfield is DJ Boki an all time blaster from Serbia and representing Solid Recordings in the Balkan Area as he is part of the Core Artists of Solid Recordings.In 1998 Boki discovered his ambition for mixing electronic music and soon after in 1999 he found psychedelic trance as his direction.As his DJ career started in 1999 and together with DJ Alex they formed an assosiation called PSYCHOLOGIC.After 10 years of researching electronic sound, through his dj sets he defines his sound mostly groovy but solid progressive sound, imposed mainly by atmospheric elements. From his background he has been working these years with so many DJ’s he got the need to create the project Pointfield that will make you dance on many sunny beaches but also in prestigious clubs around the world. Stay tuned as POINTFIELD will mark your soul and groove your hips for the years to come.!!


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