Protune: Thats Ronald Konkolits aka DIS and Timon Miller alias DJ RES. This dynamic duo or "The 3 Letter Consortium" like the local Radioshow "Rasselbande Radio" liked to call them, started in early 2003 but didnt really pushed through until 2009. Protune joined the local DJ/Producer Collective "CITY WARRIORS VIENNA" in 2012 and that set the mark for a rapid increase of popularity within the vienese Bassmusic scene. With Andy C, DJ Marky and Hype as their prototype for mixing the Duo set the bar high for their DJing. Protune can be heared in Viennas ARENA, FLEX Club or POST GARAGE in Graz as well as FLUC, BADESCHIFF LDRM, CAMERA CLUB etc.


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