Rebeka Brown


Rebeka Brown is one of those artists who have created themselves on their own. A self-taught person by nature. From an infant dream to a reality of self- improvement, piano lessons, dance, interpretation... Throughout her intense career, she has conducted tours of funk, musicals, rock, lounge, techno, etc...After this musical journey, another evolutionary leap came up, entering into the world of deejaying and the culture of dance floor, evolving day by day as a big vocalist, composer and performer. RBK is pure energy on the floor. Warned!And one should not forget that she has been a pioneer in the electronic world and in taking her Works to the most prestigious clubs and festivals of the world, having participated in the Eurovision Festival in 2007.Through her show, she manages to take us to her private world, full of energy, madness and above all, glamour...Her art has no boundaries, performing from Moscow to Barcelona, from Brazil to Ibiza, her tight schedule confirms that she is the undisputed diva of the night.A reinvented Rebeka Brown is about to appear at the end of 2012 and throughout the 2013. A major challenge without losing her personal identity where sounds like the dance electro, dubstep or the nu- house have much to say.


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