Richkus ( Richard Bayer) influenced with music early in his life. Played Violon for many years. Also he is very intrested in technically stuff in generall as well.2005 he started to listen to House Music for many hours the day and explored the world of electronic music.These shows him the way of really interesting vibes passion and expression of Electronic-Music.Therefore he meets much of Electronicmusic-events and get more in touch with deeper underground stuff.2010 he starts do learn the fables of Djing and trained every day for almost two years. The point when he was satisfied happy for controloing cool musically and technically skills, he wants to explore more about Housemusic also Subgenre ́s. He starts to learn about technically requests and gets in touch with Studiowork and Producing which offers him more creative and technically challange.Love for unconventional and unusal trends in the world of Electronic Music.


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