Robert Solheim


Robert Solheim's music is, as one of the critics said about his first album back in 1997, not just simple tracks or songs but entire and wonderful compositions. A pretty accurate description as he doesn’t leave any part of his music evident, but rather intriguing. Growing up between the mountain, the sea, and the music, he used to sneak into his brothers bedroom, going thru his record collection. Completely lost in the magical world of David Bowie, Lou Reed, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, and then that synth solo on Pink Floyd's “Shine on you crazy diamond” carved the way to Kraftwerk and Vangelis and what was early called ambient or experimental electronic music. It was the beginning of the 80's, new-wave and synth-pop caught his attention and he started DJ’ing at a club in his home town.
He has played the organ from an early age, progressing through to drums, keyboards and singing in various bands, until he started to compose his own work under the name Current in the mid 90's. Since then he has released several downtempo and ambient-techno albums on Origo Sound, a famous Norwegian label which also had artists like Biosphere and Erik Wøllo. In 2005 he started releasing his material on his own label Currentmusik. All his releases have been called extraordinary creative works by the critics and in 2006, he was nominated best album for the release underCURRENTs and in 2003, the track Ghost Trip from album Communion was voted by the public number 7 of 100 best electronic tracks of all-time placing Robert alongside such names as Kraftwerk, David Sylvian and Underworld to name a few.
Lately his creativity has turned more towards electronic music for clubs and dance-floors which has led to several EP ́s with deep techie house and techno, supported by Slam, M.A.N.D.Y., Lukas Greenberg, Rob Maynard, Broombeck, Paco Osuna, Richie Hawtin, Gustav Bagge, Paul Brtschitsch, Dj Hell, the list goes on, and his music has been remixed by Shaka, John Tejada, Yo Montero & Ian Cris, Swayzak and many more.
With Billie Ray Martin, he formed the dark electronic pop project The Opiates and with a performance at Rough Trade in London in 2008 they released their first EP Anatomy of a plastic girl on 10" vinyl, and in October 2011, the full length album “Hollywood under the knife”. This album was voted one of the best albums of the year in Berliner Zeitung and Franfurter Rundschau as well as best album by the listeners of Berlin radio Eins. A single from the album was released as a taster with remixes from Kim Ann Foxmann from Hercules and Love Affair and the fabulous Throbbing Gristle artists Chris & Cosey. Both the single and album comes with artwork by Turner Prize winner Wolfgang Tillmanns. A remix album is also released with about 20 remixes from artist like Disco Bloodbath, Spinello, Terranova, Dan Beaumont and many more.
With the American composer Michael Snyder (Eidetaker) he formed Aquavit, a musical project who works on finding the harmonies between electronic and acoustic sounds. Their first and much anticipated work together, Telapatia, was released in 2008 applauded by both critics and the public. Critics have said. “This is electronic music for the well-travelled”. Aquavit later served as a foundation for the Norwegian label Aquavit Records/Aquavit BEAT, aimed to release quality electronic music without restrictions.
The new project Popkissed with Norwegian singer Lill- Ann Blauenfeldt will see its light of day in 2012, a mixed sound of emotional wave, synth-pop and house and Lill-Ann's undoubtedly unique voice.
Big love for the deep and dubby side of electronic music, but not restricted to one genre, he likes to mix house and techno and other kinds of electronic beats and is constantly searching the underground for honest music.


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