Sam Obernik


It’s hard to pin down Sam Obernik to one particular genre, one particular sound or indeed one particular scene. Whether it’s as the voice of the iconic house music moment ‘It Just Won’t Do’ ,or as her Jazz inspired alter ego Barefoot, Sam’s talents as a vocalist, musician and performer transcend a greater spectrum of music that might be first presumed.Her discography of collaborations includes some of the most highly regarded names in the electronic dance music; Tim Deluxe, Pete Tong, Paul Harris, Tomcraft and Alex Gaudino to name just a few. With an ability to adapt to different sounds and styles she’s often referred to as a bit of a chameleon, with more than one than one string to her bow. A constant variable throughout, however, is her distinctive vocal sound and the level of quality in all her projects.Enjoying sustained critical and commercial success over the course of her career, the demand for Obernik’s live performances is ever-present across the world, and with such an array of bona fide hits in her locker, moments of nostalgia are never far away. However, retrospective Sam is not, constantly working on new projects with a wide variety of collaborators, often taking a different, fresh direction to the previous one. Her desire to surprise and impress is stronger than ever and the fact she harbours a secret desire to make a record “based around dance values but moving right back to my darker self” gives you an idea of the inspiration that drives her.In an all-too-predictable time of brand-driven content, expect the un-expected from Sam Obernik. As the as lyrics to one of her song says, she just “wants to be the one you notice more.


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