San and Tac


San and Tac Started with the wild imagination Of Tristan Guillaume Aka San and his fictional best friend, TacIn 2011 the funky duo released their debut EP on bandcamp from the need to share their love for melodic scales and emotive sounds.Since then San and Tac has grown to become one of the rising Fullon melodic artist of the south pacific scene.After touring Australia for over 2 years as well as releasing on many Australian label including , Up, Bowlba, SoundKraft and Kinematic records and Supported by artist like Terrafractyl , Reality pixie, Positive Thought and many others San and Tac will transport you out of the box and away from the cliche with powerful rhythms and deep foresty bass lines.Now working on a full length album ,come share the sound .... it's about to get Psychedelic in here.


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