From 2014 Segler lives and works in Strausberg (Berlin), where he decided to host his own Techno events around Berlin. He met some good friends and made a lot of connections that led him to realize his dreams and establish his own record label. In 2015 he co-founded Betrieb Records which quickly became a very successful organization that brought freshness to in techno and tech house music.In the plans Segler produce more music. Given his purposeful nature this is definitely not the last we have heard of him!


Tracks #1 0
Releases #1 1
Tracks in Top 10 0
Releases in Top 10 2
Tracks in Top 100 1
Releases in Top 100 6
Days in Top 100 Tracks 8
Days in Top 100 Releases 87
These stats concerns the main Top 100 and the Top 100 for each genre. Data for tracks start on November 1st 2012, and data for releases start on January 1st 2014.