International DJ, producer, label owner, global player – it’s all expressions you can hear in everyday’s media. But who are the people behind those kind of expressions? Someone like you and me, or are they like ghosts? Europe today, USA tomorrow, sleeping on the plane and waking up in another time zone, on another continent, driven by what defines them as DJs and Producer – by music.

Shane is definitely one of them – born in 1976, starting his career at the age of 16, celebrating first successes djing in Germany. Later on, Shane’s gigs outside of Germany, like on Ibiza | Spain at the end of 2000, open his door to a much bigger stage, on which he has to proof his skills in 2005: Shane becomes guest resident DJ in Shanghai’s famous Viproom! His unforgettable one-week show is followed by various tours all through China, Asia and the USA.

In 2008, Shane establishes his own record label called “Jetlag Digital” and together with Hyline (A&R management), he releases 28 EP’s and 3 artist-albums in the same year, all available worldwide in around 70 online-shops. Moreover, the newcomer label Jetlag Digital makes it into the Top 100 progressive-house sales charts a several times!

Be it Montreal, be it Shanghai, Shane’s tracks and live-sets can be heard monthly as podcasts at well known international radio shows. Together with Hyline he also produces his own radio show “Advanced Views on Friskyradio” in San Francisco | USA.

Today, Shane spins all around the globe and is joined producing by international well known artists from the progressive house scene like DJ Taucher, Michael & Levan, Faskil, Ariel Curtis, Oliver Morgenroth, having his tracks and remixes signed at various labels worldwide.

Even though originating from Germany, Shane managed to claim his place as a DJ and producer in the international music scene and has always been able to show in an impressive way how real global dance music works.


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