Silvina Romero


Silvina Elizabeth Romero born on July 12th of 1980 in avillage from Mendoza called San Rafael (Argentina)At the age of 26 she decided to “cross the puddle” and proof the experience of living n Spain, country were she lives nowadays..At the beginning it was just an holidays trip, but soon she began to take root and so she stablished her residence in Almería, a little town from Eastern Andalucia.Since she had knowledge about using reason, she felt attracted to the music, both electronic and the loved and famous 80 ́s and 90 ́s, the percussion, the uploads and downloads ,....Her first contacts was as mere spectator, enjoying the different rooms from Argentina and further in Spain (some macroconcerts,...)She began to introduce at professional stage with the hand of an international recognized Dj (MR.DANNY) and after hours and hours counting drums and marking beats, to create mix tracks one after another, there arise the first opportunity to DJing live.Almería celebrated for first time the “Night in White” and there she was in the city center, inside of an Store showcase doing that hundred of persons dance in the middle of the street.And so, after much efforts came some offers and new lineups of performances between big artists.She worked a few months in a barfrom the town as second resident , closing the party and finding the light step by step in her way.She had ever clear her music style. She opt for the tech house and preferring 80 ́s remixes.That vocals and bass mix makes sounds a fresh and disturbing melody, brushing progressive and house. Because...why not? This is an art and like all the artists she ́s under the influence of different styles.One of her biggest goals was mixing both of her biggest passions: the music and cycling. Devolope a session in a pure techousestyle to get manage an indoorcycling group. As a profesional of any field, in world of the music, concreting thDj ones, exists many competitiveness, eachtrying to find a place were you see not only recognized his talent , but his passin and art.Finally and not less important, mention SIlvina Romero as music producer who in little time has get many advances with ERIC SAND ́S hands and finding out her productions on one of the most important electronic music download pages and actually working for Alakran Records.Silvina Romero Dj& producer.BETH ROMERO – Music 80 ́s and 90 ́s .


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