Simon Vuarambon


Simon Vuarambon, was born the 28 of november, in 1994 inGeneva, Switzerland.after living a couple of years there, his parents took thedecision of a change of lifestyle in their lifes and move on toArgentina.this has influenced on Simon's personality, and since thefirst days of living the Argentinian country at the age of 7, hisstarted learning playing the guitar and also from that,listening to lot of music like: Pink Floyd, Massive Attack, T hePolice, Radiohead, Foals, among others.the years started to pass and also his musical taste, thatswhen he listen some first electronic beats and fell into it andstart making his own tracks, always using his rock musicinfluence from before.Simon started to share his own music to some great artiststo get some feedbacks of it, and the first apareance he gotinto the electronic under scene was when his track "InvertedPole" got charted into the top 20 tracks of march 2011 byArgentinian Dj Hernan Cattaneo. T hat gave him hope tokeep going, and from that his music has been supported bya lot of great djs.He released his first ep on Information Recordings in 2009with remixes of Andy Arias, Alec Araujo and Tom Doyle.Simon has two apareance on John Digweed's transitionsshow. One in 2010 with his Guy Gerber competition remix ofTiming, wich was played by John Digweed in Beirout andlater broadcasted on his show. And later in 2012 with theLuis Junior remix of Inverted Pole.His Inverted pole track was the first strong supported track,by John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Martin Garcia and a lotof other people. and later this being released as an EP onFlow Recordings with the original track with 2 remixes fromLuis Junior (Bedrock) & Oliver Deutschmann (Falkplatz Rec)From the official remixes, there's his remix with Kevin DiSerna on DAVI "Lucid Dreaming" track wich was released asan EP on the great American Los Angeles based label,Subtract Music, wich has already released great tracks fromartists like Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile, Robert Babicz,Whebba, or also the Guy J's remix of Gill Norris "Forme"track.Simon loves to make his interpretation on tracks he listeneveryday and means something to him, thats why he hasdone a lot of no official remixes.His remix of Radiohead's "Separator" has been stronglysupported by Nick Warren on his sound garden show on frisky radio, and also supported on his live sets for exampleat WMC Winter Music Conference 2012 with HernanCattaneo, also in Amsterdam in a open air day party, and toname one more: Ministry of sound london with a back toback set with Hernan Cattaneo.He made other unnonficial mixes of Guy J's "Fly" made withKevin Di Serna, wich was played by Hernan Cattaneo on hisdelta weekly radioshow "Resident", or Guy J's "Been HereBefore" with Santi Mossman. Or his currently working onremix of Morcheeba with Andy Arias. Also his discointerpretation of Rolling In T he Deep from Adele, or hisprogressive Coldplay remix on "Major Minus". His latest noofficial interpretations are his remix of Hector & Sis - ORALE. wich has been charted on may 2012 on the top 10 tracks ofthe month by Guy J, and also included on his set in BahreinBuenos Aires earlier in the year. His latest remix was on theclassic from Rennie Foster "Devil's Waters" co-worked withKevin Di Serna, and being played by Hernan Cattaneo atMoonpark XXV on the 8th of december 2012. Actually Simonis working on lot of new material, mainly Original tracks, andsome interesting remixes to look out for. Always looking forgreat melodies, also good groove to keep the dance floorup, and the mixture of both creates that style that he wantsto deliver everytime he make music or play on live shows !


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Days in Top 100 Tracks 333
Days in Top 100 Releases 1502
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