Some people are consciously guided by a need to constantly improve their musical skills from a very early age. Often, they take themselves too seriously, focusing more on their relationship with instruments than human interaction. The always grinning, always joking Snilloc is not one of these people. As a naughty little child, he spent his formative years listening to fable records, which may – or may not – explain his preoccupat ion wit h all t hings vinyl.Born in Hungary, Gabor Nemethy AKA Snilloc started DJing at t he t ender age of 18, and event ually made his way t hrough a combinat ion of hard work and unceasing enthusiasm. By 2002 however, Snilloc had come to the realization that a respected reputation as a DJ in his home count ry was no longer enough – at which point he set out to craft his own beats, together with his studio partner Behnam.When the duo started working together, a whole new creative world opened up, and they soon got the chance t o prove t heir t alent t o a broader audience. They visited the best clubs from London to Tokyo, leaving quite an impression wherever they played. In 2009, he and his friends founded their own studio called Groovejack Studio. Their works – as Collins & Behnam – found favour on a host of well-known labels such as Global Underground, Intec, Noir Music, Recycled Loops, Yoshitoshi, Suara and more.Snilloc started work solo and as part of the production duo CrossNineTroll with Nigel Snorter in 2011. Tracks from Snilloc’s first release – Lines EP on Monique Speciale – became underground club hits, played regularly by the likes of Loco Dice, Marco Carola, etc. Gabor’s second EP, “Hazy Shade” was released on Metroline Limited in 2012. Carola in particular, kept his eye on Snilloc and was soon playing his remix of Smoke Sykes’s track “Elisabeth” in his sets for over six months.Snilloc’s talent was soon recognized in Ibiza, with Amnesia resident Mar-T asking him to release on his seminal Wow! Recordings imprint, together with remixes by AFFKT and Mar-T himself. By the end of the summer, Snilloc was already working with Paul Ritch’s Quartz Records, under which he released the “Black Bout ique” EP, t oget her wit h an expert remix by It alian producer, Leon.Snilloc approaches each dancefloor with a childlike enthusiasm and a mature taste for music. This killer- combo – combined with his excellent sense of humour – makes every occasion in his presence an unforgettable one.


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