Sofa Tunes


Sofa Tunes is a DJ, producer and label owner from Leipzig, Germany.
His first record was released at Planet Earth a label from Martin Eyerer and called "Biasca".
From this point Kevin aka Sofa Tunes was infected by music.
He has devoted a lot of time in the world of electronic music. Kevin understands music as a symbiosis of body and soul and as an healing instrument representing remedy for mankind.
He describes all kind of honest music as effective weapons against any negative things in life. Besides, life would be boring without music. This Imagination of music reflects Sofa Tunes profundity and responsibility to do honest music. His 2010 version of the Candi Staton hit „Sometimes i feel“ was a big club hit in germany and now Sofa Tunes is ready to enter the world with his sound.


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