Busting out of Belgium, Sonate leaves nothing to the imagination and throws pure techy madness blended with a peak hour groove that will put anyone on their ass! His music seem so fresh in the EDM world and resonates with its own unique style and class in producing cutting edge dancefloor oriented music. To push the level a bit higher, in 2013 one of his dreams comes true, Nell Records! The launch of his own imprint is so far one of the most exciting projects he's working on this year and for a long timecoming ... In 2013, Sonate has released music on labels such as Nell Records, Jekos Lab, Be One Records and recently for Comade Music ...And got a great support from artists such as : Sam Paganini, Stefano Noferini, Macromism, Gaga, Alex Costa, Alex Mine, Ant Brooks, Markantonio, Miguel Bastida, Lutzenkirchen, Joy Kitikonti, Tony Dee, Rob Hes, Cactus Twisters and many more.


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Days in Top 100 Tracks 81
Days in Top 100 Releases 2624
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