A broad view - impossible to gain without the music's detailed precision. A panoramic view.
With their new album, 'A Panoramic View', the electro pop entities Sono create a new, manifold image for the collection of the present electronic music scene. Sono travel from pole to pole in their own world, settling between wave and rave. And they set a new international benchmark in the genre of urban- electronic songwriting.
Sono, when looking down from the stage into their audience, discover many diverse scenes and scenarios. Whether dark and depressed, in the darkness of Wave-Gothic-Festivals or flashy and hyper, like at the Mayday in St. Petersburg. Since they have been celebrated with their major debut 'Solid State' and the convincing success of the single 'Keep Control', dominating the American Billboard Dance Charts for many weeks, the three guys from Hamburg/Germany self-confidently entered the world stage of dance music. For many diverse artists, such as Rammstein or Apoptygma Berzerk, the three Hamburgans already created remixes. They regard remixes as refined finish, not a spin-off product. Prove for this can be found on their album 'Sono- RMXD' from 2006. Sono's songs received plenty of attention from dancers in new arragements by artists as International Pony, Alexander Kowalski and Tocadisco.
For seven years now Florian Sikorski and Martin Weiland, together with Lennart Salomon build the formation Sono. The successful track 'Keep Control' established Lennarts vocals in the dance scene. He complements the Sono tracks by the nuance of his voice which blends with the flow of the music, dominates it, devotively subordinates. The first European tour with the drum and bass icons from Bristol, Kosheen, catapulted Sono into speakers, headphones and on dance floor all over the world. With the follow-up album 'Off' the band prepared their image as globetrotter of Electro Pop. „'They are aspiring', said Tim Renner about the formation, predicting the trend of their development.
Sono – which means the sound, the tone- create more than one tone with their third album, which raised not only the expectations of the music world, but the band's as well.
They generate a complete soundscape, which transports the truly lived spirit. Singer Lennart:'If one tried to define us by our lyrics, one would believe we were rather darkminded, shady blokes' But who gets the chance to see Sono and their innovative arrangements live, experiences the complete opposite. Depression, tristess of automatism, the blend of experience and art display the expression of this album. Lennart explains:'I enjoy the luxury to channel emotions with my lyrics, but also to alienate them'. He also took part in composing the tracks. The equivalence of vocals and programming which Sono realises, is very unusual in this genre. Lennart:' The tracks 'Dear Body' and 'The brightest star' are songs I actually wrote with the accustic guitar' Those mirror the fine art of songwriting, the electronic compositions never subordinate but form a parallel. 'Lennart has an appreciable influence on all tracks', Florian explains. Dominant melodies in synthesis with remarkable samples and loops, combined with a unique refrain, this is Sono today!
The new Sono feeling floating up is perfectly described by the song 'Stuck in the middle'. A center track of the album, the core of the band's feeling. Lennart:'This song came to life during a jam session, something very unusual in electronic music.' This jam scenery of the studio in Hamburg in which the record was being made, moves the engineers into the eye of focus: For 12 years now Florian Sikorski and Martin Weiland work in the field of electronic music. Florian worked in the whole world as an engineer and runs his own studio „Maratone Music'. Peak of his career: 2006 Florian was honoured with two ! Grammies for his work on the Kelly Clarkson single „Since u been gone' .
Martin works for a German dance label and as a well known DJ in popular German clubs. With Lennart the sound of Sono received a new wish for presence, a new drive to experience sound live. A step which their loyal fans appreciate until today.
Sono again played all over Europe, they moved and groved the M'era Luna Festival, the Wave Gothic Meeting as well as the Mayday in St. Petersburg and the FEA Festival in Spain. They have been on last year's tour with the Norwegian act Apoptygma Berzerk. 'The restlessness of the last months and years had a huge influence on the making of 'Panoramic View'. We worked one year on the album and just finding its title took us eight months. And naturally the experiences we made on the road gave us new impulses and stimulations which we wanted to include in our work right away', Lennart explains. So the band keeps raising the heat of the dancefloors without the blinders of the usual dance-acts. 'We were always afraid of just being generalised and classified, and are the more grateful to feel so welcome in so many scenes. Just like everyone is welcome on our scene. This is Sono.' says the band about itself. Because limitations would just obstruct the panoramic view.


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