Superlover aka Ferri Borbás, working previously under the moniker M_Ferri, is a
producer and dj from Berlin. He is also founder and manager of Berlin labels Kassette and Autist, making a mark on the Berlin music scene with their techno / house / minimal productions since 2006.

He was raised in Berlin and after the fall of the Wall was enormously influenced by the budding techno culture of the early/mid-1990s. His early productions mirrored the influences of the rough, industrial and dark sounding techno sound that was brought to Berlin by artists like Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier and Joey Beltram. Simple, radical sounding and functional: tracks such as "Tanzgenerator" or "Open the Watergate" shaped these aesthetics into a trademark sound.

His current Superlover project marks a slight shift in his musical coordinates:
Superlover presents an emotional and energetic mix translating disco and funk into modern house music.


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