A bass guitar in hand, young Teho tried to mimic what he heard. He grew up discovering electronic music thanks to artists like Stephan Bodzin, Maxime Dangles or N’to. He then decided to launch into music production. In 2010, Teho was 20 when he made his first EP’s and remixes and soon labels such as Klangwelt, Inlab, Parquet, Cinematique wanted to work with him. Four months later, he started playing his first live set on stage at events in France sharing the line-up with Fairmont, Ryan Davis, N’to, Microtrauma and many others. In November 2012, Teho played for the first time abroad at Module Club in Tokyo. T his young talent producer mixes energy and melody in his dynamic and captivating live set inviting everybody to dance and travel! The best is still to come!


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