Tim Engelhardt


The first time you have probably heard of Tim Engelhardt, was when he released his two stunning remixes of Solee's 'Jule', that became really popular and the Chillout Mix was even more successful than the original one, with ranking fourth in the German Chill-Out Charts for over 30 weeks.With his predilection for aesthetic sequences, jazzy elements and soulful melodies he immediately became an afterhour favorite.Countless remixes for Dr. Kucho! on his label Disc Doctor Records, Boris Brejcha on Harthouse, Emanuel Satie on Beatpropaganda and others followed before he got signed by the hamburg-based label Playmusic Productions in early 2012. Label-owner Andreas Lindemann & Tim Engelhardt also build up a strong relationship with the aim to please music lovers all over the world with their passionate works. They definitely complement each other and that's what makes this label so strong.The first collaboration of the two artists was Andreas Lindemann's single 'Vivre Comme Un Coq En Pate', accompanied by a beautiful rework made by Tim Engelhardt, which instantly fascinated the people all over the world. Of course, this wasn't enough for the two producers. Tim's first EP release, 'All Eyes On You', completed by a gorgeous remix by Andreas Lindemann, followed 'Vivre Comme Un Coq En Pate' and unexpectedly gained 6/6 points in the german 'Raveline', which was a great success to both the label and the producers.In 2013, Tim Engelhardt will release a string of records on labels like Playmusic-Productions, Parquet and Ostwind. He will also release his first album on Playmusic-Productions in late 2013, and there will be remixes for Philipp Wolgast on Vitalik, Andreas Lindemann on Playmusic-Productions, and other things.Watch out for more.


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Releases #1 9
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Releases in Top 10 53
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Releases in Top 100 203
Days in Top 100 Tracks 1674
Days in Top 100 Releases 13927
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