Tomas Heredia


Tomas Heredia is a DJ and producer from Buenos Aireswho has worked in the music industry from a young age. Atthe tender age of 16, he began producing dance musicdrawing inspiration from artists such as Jean Michael Jarre,Vangelis, Armin van Buuren and Dash Berlin.Now still only twenty years young, he is alreadycommanding respect from the international dance communityculminating in praise from the King of Trance himself, ArminVan Buuren, in his DJ sets and 'A State of Trance' radioshows.Tomas' first release on Armada; a remix of Jorn VanDeynhoven's Spotlight in January 2012, kicked started abusy year which saw releases on Armada’s sub-labels,Captivating Sounds, Armind and Re*Brand, most notably forremixes of Armin van Buuren's 'Communication', Above &Beyond's 'On my way to Heaven', Tydi's 'Acting Crazy', Rank1, Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren's 'Witness' as well as for his owntracks 'Montana', 'T he Witch', 'T he Journey' and 'Lost'.Tomas has also recently released his EP which show casestwo new tracks; ‘When I’m With You’ which has already seensupport from Armin Van Buuren and the follow up to ‘T heWitch’ which is entitled ‘Alchemist’.T he trance starlet recently rocked festivals such as UltraMusic Festival in Buenos Aires and Santiago, ASOT 600 SaoPaulo and Gatecrasher Toronto, Circus Los Angeles, AgeHaTokyo, Mandarine Club Argentina as well as multiple ArmadaNights in Argentina. T he future is looking bright for theArgentinean artist so expect to see Tomas Heredia at a citynear you soon!


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Days in Top 100 Tracks 575
Days in Top 100 Releases 3045
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