When you talk about the Brazilian "groove scene" one of the most prominent names that come to mind is Rodrigo Ulson “a.k.a. Trotter”. His uncanny ability to create and combine tropical vibes with nujazz, funk & disco have made him one of the few artists able to create the perfect ambiance for club's, parties & festivals, with powerful beats, mesmerizing grooves and a flawless execution. Over 60 releases on several label’s as Timewarp Music, Super Hi-Fi Recordings, Homebreakin Records, Gazeebo International. Fort Knox Recordings, Royal Soul Records CEO. Trotter songs was remixed by names like : All Good Funk Alliance, BTeam, Timewarp Inc, Quasamodo, Umbo, Kool Hertz, Shantisan, AtFunk, Pale the Kid, Afternoon in Stereo, DannyMassure, Neighbour, 70thFloor, Rocca & Yosh, Must Beat Crew, Beatfanatic, Jayl Funk, Basement Freaks,Cupcake Project, Qdup Foundation , Kreap , Niles Philips, among others....


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