Uriya Tenenbaum (1986) is a music producer from Bee’r Sheva, Israel.Despite his young age,Uriya create and produce electronic music since early year of 1999.his repertoire includes full-length albums releases,several EP's ,and many collections of unique tracks.Today,Uriya holds 3 main active projects:FIRE STARTER – Progressive PsyTrance https://www.facebook.com/FireStarterOfficialURIYA - Breaks / Trance / Electro https://www.facebook.com/URIYAOfficialChillum - World Music / Chillout https://www.facebook.com/ChillumOfficialUriya has a long musical background and has been playing keyboard since the age of 9. Uriya first started tuning in to the vibes of Psytrance when he was 12 years old and he immediately fell in love with the Goa Trance style of music.Uriya started writing & producing at the fresh age of 13 (since 1999) with several software’s such as “Impulse Tracker” that was one of the main sequencers at this time. Since then – 5 years later (at the age of 18), Uriya has signed an official first artist contract with the music label “SPLIFF MUSIC” located in Israel, and started to release his original music – worldwide.Uriya has heavy dut y product ion t alent , experience and skill, and he is especially known for his sharp and mostly upbeat and happy phrases, colored pads, original vocal and vocoders, high quality sound & mostly, he is known to be EXTREMELY GROOVY.Oh and if you wondered about the name ‘URIYA’ = it’s an original name from the holy bible, in Hebrew it also means “GOD's LIGHT”.For More Info - Visit URIYA Official Website: http://www.URIYA.infoArtist Bio


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