VONDA7 landed in Berlin following a wavy voyage down from planet techno many bpm’s ago. A purveyor of hypnotic grooves, she speaks in synthesised melodies and laughs in heavy basslines that wash over you like what can only be described as a seriously slick musical baptism. In a previous life, going back about 10 years, VONDA7 earned her stripes interviewing dj’s & producers, shooting videos from the parties, doing anything she could to be close to her one true love – music. This finally translated into being in the creators seat when a project with her brother called Radioblue got attention from blogs & press including Guardian UK, as well as being released as an EP on Dapayk’s Fenou records.Her never ending bond with electronic music led her straight to the front doors of the very prestigious SAE in Amsterdam, which in turn kicked off her life long affair with the creation of house & techno. She loves her analogue setup and combines it with digital technologies. And she sings sometimes too. With a decent record collection and an innate ability to shake up the driest of crowds, she’s been gigging around Berlin (Trust, Ritter Butzke, Weekend, Suicide Circus to name a few) as well as internationally for the past 3 years. VONDA7 was featured on Re.You's track "Closer” released on Souvenir Records in November 2012, along with a remix of Amine Edge & DANCE. Last summer, her track "What is your sound" came out on Alex Niggeman's imprint, Soulfooled and in September 2013 she won a worldwide DJ + Producer LAB hosted by BURN energy drinks and W Hotels which concluded in releasing her winning track on BURN records during Ibiza Music Summit. Looking ahead, VONDA7 has releases lined up on two esteemed techno labels in the coming months. Firstly one on the legendary Guy Gerber’s label Rumors, coming out on December 15th 2014, followed by her own EP which is being championed by Pleasurekraft and his label Kraftek. Alien, worldly, real, imaginary, religious or atheist one thing is for certain – her dancefloor is your church and her productions are your prayers. Come, pray and get down with VONDA7.


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