Matte Wright AKA Wrighty - born and bred in Manchester was heavily influenced by house music from an early age and was already djing in clubs by the age of 17. His success and reputation quickly grew through his energetic and uplifting dj sets and by a year later he had secured sets at all the top clubs and bars of Manchester.At the age of 18 he finished a course in electronic music production at the SSR and begun concentrating on his own music. He started working with friend top dj/producer Jason Herd who passed on much of his knowledge on making quality tracks . His first track, a remix of 'Burning' by Mark Brown & Juan Kidd wasloved by Erick Morillo and signed to his label Subliminal Records. Since then he has had tracks signed to other labels such as 303Lovers, Sondos, Wazzup and more!


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