Yuksek (Pierre-Alexandre Busson) is a French electronic music producer, remixer, composer and DJ. He startedhis career under the name Yuksek after 10 years Learning piano at The Conservatoire and playing in several bands. He gained popularity as a DJ all over the world and later with his electro-pop band.His debut album, ‘Away from the Sea’, was released in 2009. This album includes the singles ‘Tonight‘ and ‘Extraball’ and received a lot of audience and media attention. Last year, Yuksek released his second album ‘Living on the Edge of Time’ after 2 years touring. T his album took a pop direction but Yuksek’s electronic flow was still there.In the same time he was working on his own productions: Yuksek produced Birdy Nam Nam second album ‘Manual For Successful Rioting’ in 2009, The Bewitched Hands debut album ‘Birds And Drums’ in 2010 and is now working on Juveniles debut album (a French electropop band from France).Also known as one of the front runners of the new wave of French electro, Yuksek was (and still is) in demand for remixes and has done many for artists such as Gossip, Phoenix, Gorillaz, Lady Gaga, Oh Land, Chromeo, Mika, The Shoes, The Young Professionals, First Serve feat. De La Soul, Moby, Amanda Blank, Z ombie Nation, T he Prodigy and so on...And more recently on forthcoming remixes for Lilly Wood and The Prick, C2C and Kasper Bjorke.Yuksek has also been involved in many other musical projects such as Girlfriend (with Clément Daquin), The Krays (with Brodinski) and Peter & The Magician (with Stephen Fasano, ex-Aeroplane). He released 2 EPs under Peter & The Magician on Kitsuné with dancefloor hits ‘Twist’ (2011) and ‘Memory’ (2012). He’s also one of the founder of Elektricity Festival, an electronic music festival based in Reims in front of the famous cathedral. Elektricity festival 2012 edition was the 10th, successful and... sold out. Yuksek’s collection of unabashed, jubilant pop tunes and eletro-nu disco sounds will resonate with fans, appealing to one’s mind as well as one’s legs.Yuksek has set up his own label Partyfine in 2013. The first releases includes collaborations with Oh Land, Juveniles, Peter & T he Magician, Crayon, Black Yaya (from Hermane Dune)


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