Top tracks of 2013

Top tracks of 2013

It's already March 2014 and we have not had the occasion yet to turn back and take a look at the year 2013 together. As we, here at Beatport Top Tracker, have some exclusive statistics, it is the right moment to share them with you by going trough the best tracks of 2013 that has definitely been a good year for the EDM scene, with the rise of so much talented artists.

Being #1 is all that matters

He's definitely one of the most successfull artist this year, and with his track Animals (one of the biggest hit this year according to many blogs) Martin Garrix spent 27 days at the first position of the Beatport Top 100. Not only breaking a new record as being the youngest producer to get a #1 position with a solo track, Martin Garrix also equalized the record of the number of days at #1 (at least since we started recording the charts). Indeed, Nicky Romero & Avicii have also been #1 for 27 days with their track I Could Be the One. On the third step of the podium, and not that far away: Moguai, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - Mammoth (26 days).

I could be the one

Fun fact is Martin Garrix is not only #1 in this chart, but also #4 with the track Wizard that spent 24 days at the first position. Coming next are Get Lucky, Careless, Center Of The Universe, Revolution, Summertime Sadness remixed by Cedric Gervais and The Code.

That's it for the main Top 100, but most of you are also following some of the genres tops 100. While the Progressive top 100 saw Nicky Romero & Avici leading for 34 days, and Martin Garrix was #1 in the Electro House Top 100 for 37 days, Orjan Nilsen was the one spending the most time #1 in the Trance chart with his track Violetta (30 days).

Longevity is important too

Being #1 is not the only indicator of success. A hit usually stays in the charts for quite long, so here are the longest stays in the complete Top 100. With 244 days, Cedric Gervais is definitely our winner for 2013 with his remix of Lana Del Ray's Summertime Sadness. Coming next is Josh Butler - Got A Feeling with 212 days. Then Martin Garrix comes again with his Animals that stayed in the main Top 100 during 196 days.

In The Progressive House top 100, Nicky Romero & Avicii did quite an impressive journey as they stayed in there during 353 days, almost the complete year! Fun fact: Armin van Buuren, who used to produce trance, spent quite some time in this Progressive House top: 269 days with D# Fat, and 264 days with This Is What It Feels Like (W&W Remix).

Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais)
This Is What It Feels Like
Rewind (Mikkas Remix)

An other big hit of 2013 was Clarity by Zedd feat. Foxes and it spent 319 days in the Electro House Top 100. Other tracks we could mention in the Electro house top are the Zedd Remix of Alive by Empire Of The Sun, LRAD by Knife Party, Slow Down by Showtek and TJR with both tracks Ode To Oi & What's Up Suckaz.

The Trance chart has mainly seen Armin van Buuren this year with the track This Is What It Feels Like (266 days) followed by Audien - Wayfarer (256 days) and the Mikkas Remix of Rewind by Emma Hewitt (241 days). But let's not forget that Rewind has spent 269 days in the Trance chart, but some of them were in 2012.

Who's the best artist of 2013?

Voted as the #1 this year, Hardwell has spent a total of 624 days in the main Beatport Top 100 in 2013, if we take all tracks and remixes together. Coming next on the podium are Pleasurekraft (599 days) and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (587 days). Hardwell is also the most seen artist in the Progressive House Top 100 with 1680 days! That was a tough battle with Nicky Romero that spent 1678 days in this top 100.

On the Trance side of the force, there is one guy who beats them all: Armin van Buuren, with an amazing total of 2075 days in the Trance Top 100. If we combine all charts together (all genres and main chart), Armin is also the best with 3363 days followed by Nicky Romero (3333 days) and Hardwell (3186 days).

And there is more

This was an overview of the year 2013 according the Beatport Top. If you want more details and full statisctics, head over to our Facebook page.