Cola (Mousse T.'s Glitterbox Mix) [Defected]


Cola (Mousse T.'s Glitterbox Mix) [Defected]
Artists Mousse T., CamelPhat, Elderbrook
Genres House
Release Date 2017-10-13
Label Defected
Catalog # DFTD523D4

Undoubtedly the biggest and most addictive dance music record of 2017, CamelPhat & Elderbrook's 'Cola' has been a defining musical moment of the year. Growing exponentially since its release, the track has captivated tastemakers, DJs and clubbers alike, topping charts and blowing up worldwide to become a true modern anthem. And the killer remixes just keep coming. Stepping up is house legend Mousse T., flipping the track completely and bringing those Glitterbox vibes to Defected, taking 'Cola' to the next level with a whole new disco-infused lease of life.

CamelPhat & Elderbrook 'Cola' (Mousse T.?s Glitterbox Mix)
Written by Mike Di Scala, David Whelan & Alexander Kotz
Produced by CamelPhat
Vocals by Elderbrook
Remix & Additional Production by Mousse T. for Peppermint Jam
Recorded at Peppermint Pavillon
Published by Defected Music & BMG
P&C 2017 Defected Records Limited


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
Cola (Mousse T.'s Glitterbox Mix)
Mousse T., CamelPhat, Elderbrook


122 BPM



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