Cross Pendant EP [Pets Recordings]


Cross Pendant EP [Pets Recordings]
Artists Red Axes, Jonathan Kaspar
Genres Techno, Tech House
Release Date 2015-12-04
Label Pets Recordings
Catalog # PETS060

Pets Recordings present a stunning two tracker from the lauded and fast rising Jonathan Kaspar. Bringing his off the cuff approach to studio-jamming, his music has pricked the ears of label bosses Catz n Dogz with this slice of leftfield techno, Cross Pendant.

Cross Pendant was all created in one flow, made in some night shifts to be in the right mood for it says the the young German producer. The single has been crafted with bags of midnight tendencies, laced together in the midst of a feeling for maximum dance floor-ready impact.

The original comes to life with a looped guitar sample, while break down drum-rolls, percussive marches and lurking bass slowly take a stranglehold, while sub bass creates rhythm as it pulses in and out of the speakers, gradually adding more layers of percussive groove and manipulated and spliced strings.

Crosstown newbies, Red Axes, strip away the dynamic groove and tightly knit the percussion and beats together, dropping the subtle sub bass for a penetrative, square wave number, before acid drop kick drums and throbbing FX create a darker version of this club leaning tech house treat.

Pets Recordings have done it again, capturing the energy and integrity of true electronic jams for this bristling and vigorous cut. In the words of Mr Kaspar himself, "...I think when you hear the track, you can feel that there is no compromise; I made it without any hesitation, in one flow".


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
Cross Pendant (Original Mix)
Jonathan Kaspar

Tech House

120 BPM



-- 53 -- --
Cross Pendant (Red Axes Remix)
Red Axes, Jonathan Kaspar


118 BPM



-- -- -- --



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