Dirty Feat. Foxx Williams [Ego]


Dirty Feat. Foxx Williams [Ego]
Artists Kilian Taras, Foxx Williams, Dave Crusher
Genres Dance
Release Date 2018-04-02
Label Ego
Catalog # 4685

Dave Crusher met music world at 9 years old, starting with the drums. At 16 he released his first singles as David Peel in important labels like Blanco y Negro, Ministry Of Sound Australia and more. In 2017 Dave Crusher project started with a style change focusing on house music and the first releases on Juicy Music, Clippers Sounds and more.

"Dirty" is his new production in collaboration with dj & producer Kilian Taras and Toronto native singer/songwriter Foxx Williams, who has burst onto the scene with his unique blend of R&B/POP, million views on YouTube and tours around Europe, Canada, Egypt and more! Definitely a crowd pleaser for your ears, dont miss it!


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
Dirty Feat. Foxx Williams (Extended Mix)
Kilian Taras, Foxx Williams, Dave Crusher


105 BPM



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