Everyone Is Looking for Us [Outburst Records]


Everyone Is Looking for Us [Outburst Records]
Artists Mark Sherry, Coming Soon, Waio, Alex Di Stefano, Tempo Giusto
Genres Psy-Trance, Trance
Release Date 2017-11-27
Label Outburst Records
Catalog # OUT093

Coming Soon!!! and WAIO are leading the charge of the psy-trance revolution, along with artists such as Vini Vici and a handful of other pioneers of the genre, so it seemed fitting to get them involved with remixing one of our biggest ever releases Everyone Is Looking For Us by Sherry and Stefano. The guys strip the original back to its absolute bare-minimum, adding their trademark water-tight psy kick and groove and also a mind-bending pitching build-up that will set your dancefloor to a red alert status! Next up, Outburst resident and all-round tech-head Tempo Giusto delivers what he does best, an unadulterated tech-trance workout that has all the groove and maximum bang-for-your-buck that you'd expect from the Finnish genius! This is a massive remix EP that you'll hear before you see it - an essential purchase!




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