Fantasy [Flemcy Music]


Fantasy [Flemcy Music]
Artists JP Lantieri, Gautam Khaw
Genres Tech House, Electro House
Release Date 2016-10-05
Label Flemcy Music
Catalog # FLEM012

Gautam Khaw, JP Lantieri - 'Fantasy' EP on Flemcy Music

In a previous life, before even thinking of creating Flemcy Music, JP Lantieri was living under the sun of Malaysia (and enjoying its extraordinary cuisine). There, through his music connections, he met Gautam Khaw, a young and promising DJ/producer.

Fast forward a couple of years, and here they are with two tracks that, despite their dif-ferences (culture, age, musical genres.), are pretty solid. Or were these differences an emulation for them to come up with these gems?

1. Gautam Khaw, JP Lantieri - Fantasy (Original Mix)
2. Gautam Khaw, JP Lantieri - Just You (Original Mix)

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Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
Fantasy (Original Mix)
JP Lantieri, Gautam Khaw

Electro House

128 BPM



-- -- -- --
Just You (Original Mix)
JP Lantieri, Gautam Khaw

Tech House

124 BPM



-- -- -- --



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