Fifa EP [Distortion]


Fifa EP [Distortion]
Artists Alvaro Am, Underground Calling
Genres Tech House
Release Date 2019-06-07
Label Distortion
Catalog # D018

We couldn't wait to share this EP with you'll ! Talented duo from Madrid, Underground Calling join the family with a massive EP consisting of 2 originals and a remix by man of the moment Alvaro AM.

'Fifa' is the A-side to this EP. It is made of a surging groove and a rolling bassline which will remind you all of one of the most popular Fifa soundtracks. It has already been tested in various clubs and we have been very eager to share this track with you.

'Pass The Damn W**d' is the other original track in this mighty EP. It is a very energetic track, perfect for the peak hours. This track includes hip hop vocals, heavy hitting drums and a very groovy bassline.

Last but not least, Alvaro AM's remix of 'Fifa' is the icing on the cake to this big EP! Having released on labels like Desolat, Sola and Hottrax, Alvaro treats us with his unique rhythms and basslines to create a perfect remix of 'Fifa'.

Fifa EP by Underground Calling, proudly presented to you by Distortion.

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Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
Fifa (Original Mix)
Underground Calling

Tech House

126 BPM



-- -- -- --
Pass The Damn W**d (Original Mix)
Underground Calling

Tech House

126 BPM



-- -- -- --
Fifa (Alvaro AM Remix)
Alvaro Am, Underground Calling

Tech House

127 BPM



-- -- -- --



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