Gan Jar [Nano Records]


Gan Jar [Nano Records]
Artists Waio, Magik
Genres Psy-Trance
Release Date 2017-03-13
Label Nano Records
Catalog # NANODIGI113

Being the cheeky tweakers that they are, Magik and Waio could not resist the urge to bust open the highly coveted Gan Jar; despite the insistent warnings to handle it with the upmost caution, considering the rumours of mysterious happenings surrounding it.

Once the bellowing smoke had faded from the studio, there was a strange unexplainable atmosphere that lingered. Fortunately for the rest of us they managed to capture this recording of the bizarre phenomenon.

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Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
Gan Jar (Original Mix)
Waio, Magik


143 BPM



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