Ganesha Song EP [Keinemusik]


Ganesha Song EP [Keinemusik]
Artists Adam Port, Quim Manuel O Espirito Santo
Genres House, Deep House
Release Date 2017-04-14
Label Keinemusik
Catalog # KM036

A thing Adam Port has been rendering services to in the past and that this new Keinemusik-release as well is contributing to: sprucing up the image of the guitar. In the course of music history the instrument certainly has been propped up hip-wise as cock-extension and abused for sleazy rockisms a bit too often. Ports rehabilitation of the six-string comes in shape of Ganesha Song, the A-side of KM036. Youll find some twang, rhythmically boosting the dynamics, be it implemented as a micro-loop within the beat-structure or slightly distorted as the leading theme of this tune. Another felicitous attempt of Port to merge peaktime-appeal with sound-nerdism and his refining method of groove.

More guitars on the flipside, but this time embedded into a whole ensemble that transfers Mariachi-impression into the context of Angolan folklore. Port approaches the source material of Quim Manuel O Espirito Santos with all due respect, while crafting his edit, but also with an adequate verve and modernistic percussive d├ęcor to tease a veritable floorfiller out of Senhor Doutor.

Two very different approaches to get some feet on the floor, showcasing Adam Ports never ceasing will for artistic diversification.


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
Ganesha Song (Original Mix)
Adam Port

Deep House

120 BPM



47 8 -- --
Senhor Doutor (Adam Port Edit)
Adam Port, Quim Manuel O Espirito Santo


122 BPM



23 3 -- --



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