Let A B!tch Know [Defected]


Let A B!tch Know [Defected]
Artists Gene Farris, Catz 'n Dogz, Kiddy Smile, Boston Bun
Genres DJ Tools, Tech House, Deep House, House
Release Date 2016-12-12
Label Defected
Catalog # DFTD503D

After signing to Defected earlier this year, Kiddy Smile comes through with his debut single for the label along with some seriously heavyweight remixes that span the house subgenres.

Kiddy's music pulses with the energy of the ballroom scene of his native Paris. 'Let A B!tch Know' is embedded in the dance rituals and traditions of the scene in which Kiddy is an influential character; the track snaps with the energy of a dancer voguing and expressing themselves on the dancefloor.

The remixes of 'Let A B!tch Know' come courtesy of three house music greats who can appreciate the instinctive danceability of Kiddy's original, adapting this essence to explore the potential of the track within their own styles of house. Chicago dance music icon Gene Farris gives his deep interpretation, amping up the bass hook and the drum flourishes, creating the tension that sparks electricity on the dancefloor. Next up, fellow Parisian and Ed Banger Records mainstay Boston Bun raises the tempo, splicing in synths to give the track more of a peak time vibe. Catz 'n Dogz minimal approach lets Kiddy's barbed vocals shine, engaging the duo's rolling tech house style with the colourful world of the Paris balls. The release comes complete with Kiddy's opulent spoken vocal as an accapella.

Kiddy's here to let you know, this is the most unflinching house release you'll hear this year.

Kiddy Smile 'Let A B!tch Know'

1. Let A B!tch Know
2. Let A B!tch Know (Gene Farris Re Rub Dub)
3. Let A B!tch Know (Boston Bun Remix)
4. Let A B!tch Know (Catz 'N Dogz Morning After Remix)
5. Let A B!tch Know (Accapella)

Written, Composed & Produced by Too Smooth Christ & Kiddy Smile
All Vocals Performed by Kiddy Smile
Music by Kiddy Smile
Recorded in Paris, 2016
Track 2 Remix Arranged & Produced by Gene Farris at Farris Wheel Studio
Track 3 Remix Produced by Boston Bun with the help of J. Chatelain at Threesome Studios, Paris.
Track 4 Remix & Additional Production by Catz 'N Dogz
Published by Defected Music & Copyright Control
P&C 2016 Defected Records Limited under exclusive license from Grand Musique Management SAS


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
Let A B!tch Know (Original Mix)
Kiddy Smile


121 BPM



-- 18 -- --
Let A B!tch Know (Gene Farris Re Rub Dub)
Gene Farris, Kiddy Smile

Deep House

124 BPM



-- 47 -- --
Let A B!tch Know (Boston Bun Remix)
Kiddy Smile, Boston Bun


124 BPM



-- -- -- --
Let A B!tch Know (Catz 'N Dogz Morning After Remix)
Catz 'n Dogz, Kiddy Smile

Tech House

125 BPM



-- -- -- --
Let A B!tch Know (Accapella)
Kiddy Smile

DJ Tools

123 BPM



-- 15 -- --



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