Life Signs Vol. 1 [Running Back]


Life Signs Vol. 1 [Running Back]
Artists Dusky
Genres Deep House
Release Date 2019-07-05
Label Running Back
Catalog # RB082D

Running Back & Dusky proudly present Life Signs Vol. 1. The band that brought you the fabulous remix for KiNk's "Perth" lavishly donate a whole EP to Running Back. And it has all the classic trademark sounds we cherish them for: British bass science applied on classic house tropes, breakbeats underpin transcendent melodies, IDM meets UKG. The sounds of Guerilla records, Northern Exposure and the mash-up aesthetics of early Rage parties all echo through the ranks. All of it expertly executed and as much fun to listen to as to play it out. But handing the microphone over to the band themselves:
"Boris Borrison's Trip To Morrisons: An Italo inspired bassline meets Belgian rave vibes via a British supermarket chain. Who is Boris Borrison? Perhaps we'll never know. Some say he's still wandering around in the freezer aisle to this very day.
Lea Valley is a homage to the area in London along the river Lea, home to a mix of nature reserves and industrial warehouses and wasteland, historically famous for illegal parties. The area was a regular haunt in our teenage raving days.
Static: A warm wash of melancholic euphoria in which to submerge. Inspired by classic electronica and the melodic techno of early Autechre and Aphex."


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
Boris Borrison's Trip To Morrisons (Original Mix)

Deep House

126 BPM



-- -- -- --
Lea Valley (Original Mix)

Deep House

126 BPM



-- 8 -- --
Static (Original Mix)

Deep House

127 BPM



-- 17 -- 97



Top 100

Days #1 0
Days Top 10 4
Days Top 100 13

Top 100 Deep House

Days #1 0
Days Top 10 8
Days Top 100 63