Little Bits That Matter [Pets Recordings]


Little Bits That Matter [Pets Recordings]
Artists Tom Demac
Genres Deep House
Release Date 2012-12-17
Label Pets Recordings
Catalog # PETS026

Fresh off the back of an enormous Hypercolour EP that saw the house and bass movements come together in awe and appreciation, Tom Demac returns with the Little Bits That Matter EP on Pets Recordings. A restless soul with constantly evolving live material, its hard to imagine the London based artist releasing anything less than genuinely unique productions, and Little Bits That Matter does not fall short. The three-tracker heaves from start to finish with thick set synth work, far-flung vocals and all consuming basslines; a perfect end-of-year gem that highlights label bosses Catz N Dogzs penchant for a low end focus.

Title track Little Bits That Matter sees Tom Demac take the modern house template and cultivate it into what sounds like a living, breathing entity. Rhythmic claps and hi hats are offset by stifled pants and Phil Kays vocal is so beautifully blended with the melody that its impossible to separate the two at parts. Tanner chugs along with a sophisticated groove, sprightly strings and a striking vocal hook until a vintage disco inspired break down elevates the track even further from the norm. Far darker in sound, B side Rain Of Colour works with a plucky, dissonant melody and a sweeping, club controlling bassline that will leave you mindblown.

Raw, personal and, most importantly, instantly danceable, Tom Demacs offering follows a long line of exciting, high quality output from the Polish Pets imprint. The Little Bits That Matter EP will be released digitally - 17th Dec - and on vinyl from 10th Dec.


Agoria Im a big fan of Tom and this new release doesnt fail to please either. Really great stuff!

Gerd Another bomb for Pets and Tom. Loving al tracks. Little Bits is my fave.. Some really beautiful sounds!

Charles Webster A real quality and diverse ep. Really like this release guys!

jozif Fooooking ACE!!!!! Sooo dramatic. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!! Tanners my fav.

Soul Clap Hmmmm is Tanners a tribute to Tanner Ross? Sounds like it. Nice one!!

Kasper Bjorke Its another cool release from Tom and Tanners is the standout for me. Support!

Death On The Balcony Top stuff from Pets & Tom. Feeling all tracks, but lean towards Little Bits That Matter & Tanners. Great deep vibe & vox. Will play

Till von Sein Been playing this for weeks already and its another big release for Pets. Playing them all!

Joris Voorn Tanners really does ROCK!! Excellent track Tom!!

Pezzner This is such a ill record!! Especially Tanners. Fantastic!

Sasse Tanners is such a KILLER tune!! Looking forward to playing!

Riva Starr Tom Demac is becoming a firm favourite of mine, this release is no exception!

DJ Nibc Dope ep!! Really like the lead track and Tanners. Great ep!

Joris Voorn Tanners really does rock!! Great work Tom..

Michel de Hey (Fresh FM, Holland) - House music as it should be! All three of these are great!

Adam (DJ Magazine, UK) Tanner is wicked!! Disco with bass sensibility. It has one big booty!!

Matt (Clash Magazine, UK) Rain Of Colour is immense!!

Foamo Now this is a lovely ep. Wow, the Phil Kay vocals are seriously nice!!

Marc Romboy Another great release after Im still hammering Rachels 12"! Great job, guys!

Squarehead Wicked and smooth productions, will find a place for all of them!!

Adam Port Great EP! Voitek gave it to me some days before and i LOVE IT!!! Deep & Sexy. Another big Pets joint!

Show-B Three great tracks... really diggin Little Bits and Rain Of Colour. Brightening up my weekend for sure!

Paolo Rocco Always ALWAYS dope stuff from Tom!! Dropping Rain of Colour for suuuuuuure!

Christian Martin Love Rain of Colour, has tons of that ingenious sonic trickery from Demac!

Jimmy Edgar Liking this new one from Tom, especially Tanners!

Ian Pooley Little Bits That Matter is a great record Tom!!! Really lovely synths in there. Will play!

Untold Great ep, Tanners and Rain of Colour both doing it for me. Look forward to playing these out!

Ben Westbeech Really lovely stuff from Tom. Each and every time! Rain of Colour is dope!!

Kiki Damn this is good! All 3 are going to get some plays from me for sure! Great collection guys!!

Viadrina Cool EP on Pets as always! Full support from us "Tanners" is our fav to play out.

Huxley Wicked wicked ep from Tom!! Rain of Colour is possibly my fav, but all are really good!

Aeroplane Tanners is disco and you know I love DISCO!! Straight into my new mix.

DJulz Super fresh sounding cuts here from Tom. Lovely! Tanners is my fav for now.

Sebo K and the next great ep from Tom Demac!! Really like this collection. Big support on all!

Waifs & Strays Tanners is such an ACE record!! The next smash from Demac!!

Chopstick Spot on wicked release! Love 'em all.. can't wait to play 'em out!!

Maxxi Soundsystem Going through new tracks and listening to so much of the same idea it's always good to hear Tom bringing something fresh. Every time.

Joshua Iz Super deepness on this record loving it, especially the lead cut!!

T.Williams Woah Tom throwing the flavours down here. Reminds me of a Stimming record, fully love it! Melody is off the planet.

Guy Andrews (Juice FM, UK) Feeling all 3 of these tracks, loads of depth to the production.

Seb Chew (Rinse FM) Really good stuff from Tom Tanner possibly my fav, but all good!

We Are Syndicate, Spain Tanners is straight in the radio show today!

Diverions (CHRY 105.5 Toronto) Well crafted and executed release - all three cuts are intricately woven and dynamic numbers - fave is breathy LITTLE BITS THAT MATTER!

Joshua Ferguson (WLUW 88.7FM, Chicago) Punchier than what we heard on Hypercolour but no less full of moodiness, craft and potency, this is an EP I look forward to rinsing.

Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio) Tanners for me!! Nice one! Will play on air!


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
Little Bits That Matter (feat. Phil Kay) (Original Mix)
Tom Demac

Deep House

118 BPM



-- -- -- --
Tanners (Original Mix)
Tom Demac

Deep House

118 BPM



-- 64 -- --
Rain Of Colour (Original Mix)
Tom Demac

Deep House

120 BPM



-- -- -- --


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