Mantra [International Sound Laboratory (ISL)]


Mantra [International Sound Laboratory (ISL)]
Artists Jesper Dahlback, Phil Kieran, Dub Dummies
Genres Techno
Release Date 2010-11-17
Label International Sound Laboratory (ISL)
Catalog # ISLR008

ISLR008 Dub Dummies Mantra

International Sound Laboratories is proud to present the
next release in our product line, Dub Dummies Mantra.
From the laboratory in Buenos Aires comes this fresh
research result, carefully developed by two of Argentinas
finest sound scientists Christian Hainich and Juan Manuel
Castelo. With their backgrounds, Mr castelo having studied
electronic music composition and Mr Hainich coming from
studies in bio technology, it is safe to say that this is a top
class product and that this is a proof of their true skills as
audio engineers. After a successful evening at the the
Arena club in Berlin, ISL recordings decided to initiate a
tight and immersed collaboration with this Argentinian duo
and it is truly an honor to finally present this package.

In the package are also included a remix by none less than
Phil Kieran from Ireland. Mr Kieran should be widely known
to most people in the business. Mr Kireans output shows
an impressive list of achivements such as Cocoon, Electric
Deluxe, Snork Enterprises as well as his own imprint, Phil
Kieran Recordings. For ISL, Mr Kieran has provided two
different intrepetations of the track Mantra, one with
harder sound and one with a more smooth sound.

Also, Jesper Dahlbäck, the label boss himself delivers yet
another intrepetation of the title track wich uses a slightly
rewritten lead melody played by a self oscillating notch

Jussi Pekka Parikka: Yessss! Since someone invented sidechain compressors the music scene hasn't been the same. And Jeppe is misusing the thing just perfect! Support for J.D's Remix! Others just fine too, but Jesper does THE thing.

Laurent Garnier: Great mixes from PHIL and Jesper -- will play for sure - Great release

Butch: mantra is nice

Cari Lekebusch: Wellnice dynamic package, i like all tracks. Will play, chart and abuse. WTF! Its outta range!!

Derek Plaslaiko: Phil's Remix

Ken Ishii: Great ep. Phil Kieran is the one for me to play.

Chris Liebing: Downloading for Chris, thanks

Stephan Bodzin: both mixes from phil are just awesome! will play

Ida Engberg: I love the Jesper remix, will play that one and Kieran. Thank you!

Len Faki: jesper's mix are the perfect dubness at berghain, let´s say around noon? phil mix are great too! so full support from here!

Alex Tepper: Original is the one for me. Thanks :)

Paco Osuna: nice tunes ,will play

Paul Brtschitsch: great release! not easy to pick a favourite. i think jesper´s mix is the one for me on a first listen, but all the others are dope, too!

Dave Ellesmere: phils dubbed out mix and jesper ... nice powerful tracks with a good drive and energy ..... thanx

Stel: This is cick guys. Well done indeed!

Pär Grindvik: been playing the remixes for some time now, the crowd goes crazy every time. thanks!!

Thomilla: good package,like the original mix,cheers!

Ritchie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin

Mike Mind: Love Jesper's mix! Perfect for the afterhours, thanks!

Gel Abril: phil kieran mixes for me tnx!

Alan Fitzpatrick: Loving this, full support!

Adam Beyer: Full support! Kieran remix for me.

Joseph Capriati: solid package! will support it a lot. thanks.

Thomas Von Party: Original is good but Phil and Jesper's remixes are the ones I will play. Both are terrific. Another great release on ISL :)

Mateo Murphy: This is the best shit I've heard in a long time! Kieren remix is killer!

Patrick Lindsey: so refreshing for my ears .. thx for this release! :)

Karotte: great remixes from phil. love it.

Joel Mull: Jespers mix is also pretty outstanding!!

Franco Bianco: I cannot be objective with my friends, but this release is HUUUUUUUUUGE!!! Phil and Jesper fits in an incredible way with the dd sounds. Thanks for this majestic piece of art that i will play until my hd BURNS!

Excess Agency, Raphael Dincsoy,Partysan: Fantastic!

Matt Walsh: Another great pack from ISL, love both of Phil's mixes, he is on a role at the moment. Jespers is great too and I really like the South American vibes on the originals

SLAM: all cool - strong


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
Mantra (Original Mix)
Dub Dummies


125 BPM



-- -- -- --
Mantra (Phil Kieran Remix)
Phil Kieran, Dub Dummies


125 BPM



-- -- -- --
Mantra (Phil Kieran Dubbed Out Mix)
Phil Kieran, Dub Dummies


125 BPM



-- -- -- --
Mantra (Jesper Dahlback Remix)
Jesper Dahlback, Dub Dummies


125 BPM



-- -- -- --
Melodibas (Original Mix)
Dub Dummies


127 BPM



-- -- -- --


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