Mechanical Gravy [Antu Records]


Mechanical Gravy [Antu Records]
Artists PsychicNova, Sci-Flyers
Genres Psy-Trance
Release Date 2019-09-30
Label Antu Records
Catalog # ANTEP116

Antu Records is thrilled to announce the debut release of Sci-Flyers 'Mechanical Gravy". The release features two mind-bending, multidimensional tracks including one with Chinese producer PsychicNova.
Digging deep into the roots of sound, each of the two tracks aims at creating a state of awakening in the listener, accompanying them along the path with the emotions that only carefully crafted things can give. With "Mechanical Gravy", the Sci-Flyers deliver their trademark mixture of powerful beats, groovy baselines, elements of world music and pure, psychedelic atmospheres. "Into the System" sees the mix finely blended by the electronic influences and minds of Sci-Flyers and PsychicNova, offering a powerful yet evoking experience from beginning to end. Sure to inspire and captivate listeners and audiences, "Mechanical Gravy" is ready to shake the dance floors of the world. This debut EP has been curated in all of its aspects, not only the musical one. The artwork has also been crafted by PsychicNova, with a representation of a man standing in front of the unknown ready to start an unreal journey, representing the willingness to discover and experience what goes beyond our comprehension - The Path to Mechanical Gravy.


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
Into the System (Original Mix)
PsychicNova, Sci-Flyers


140 BPM



-- -- -- --
Mechanical Gravy (Original Mix)


140 BPM



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