Melody Anthem + Background [Techburst Records]


Melody Anthem + Background [Techburst Records]
Artists Mario Piu, Dario Di Mauro
Genres Hardcore / Hard Techno
Release Date 2017-03-13
Label Techburst Records
Catalog # TBR033

Mario Piu continues to impress us with his dark techno outings on Techburst, but this time with studio compadre Dario di Mauro. Melody Anthem packs a real punch with it's sub-woofer-flapping kick and bass, crunchy top end percussion and extremely catchy trance-like melody. Next up we have Background, which is a much darker and more serious sounding banger, with grinding stabs, big crescendos and club-rocking drops that will shatter night-club walls down to their foundations. This is an XL sized EP that shouldn't be missed!


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
Melody Anthem (Original Mix)
Mario Piu, Dario Di Mauro

Hardcore / Hard Techno

126 BPM



-- 23 -- --
Background (Original Mix)
Mario Piu, Dario Di Mauro

Hardcore / Hard Techno

128 BPM



-- 25 -- --



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