One Darker EP [Bedrock Records]


One Darker EP [Bedrock Records]
Artists Quivver, Skanna
Genres Progressive House, Drum & Bass
Release Date 2019-05-20
Label Bedrock Records
Catalog # BEDDIGI141

Quivver (aka John Graham) is a true musical innovator, a legend in electronic music circles, renowned as being one of the scenes most essential creators since the early 1990s, whose musical palette is intensely inspired and musically diverse. His On & On contribution to Bedrock XX and Mumbo Jumbo/ This Was (BEDDIGI93) were chart-topping, critically acclaimed highlights and his 2019 return to the label with the One Darker EP is yet another exceptional artistic statement.

As expected from one of the worlds finest electronic producers, innovation flows freely with Quivver productions and One Darker comes in two distinct flavours. In its original 4:4 form One Darker builds steadily with precise programming, inspired intricate layering and powerful groove development, all interlocking perfectly to unleash an utterly engrossing energetic flow that swoops and soars with masterfully controlled abandon. Then, in flawless artistic contrast, Quivver shifts into his recently revived (with his remix of Sashas Rooms after a 20-year hiatus) alternate Skanna guise, giving him the freedom to experiment with a spacious, immense, gravity-defying 130bpm drum & bass take on One Darker witness a true master at work.

With his own Controlled Substance imprint operating as a test bed for his darker, more experimental productions (including his recent Rekonstruct album project); a current DJ tour covering Australia, South America, India and North America; his excellent Frisky Radio show continuing to go from strength to strength and more releases waiting in the wings; 2019 is shaping up to be another very significant year for Quivver.


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
One Darker (Original Mix)

Progressive House

124 BPM



81 2 -- --
One Darker (Skanna Mix)
Quivver, Skanna

Drum & Bass

130 BPM



-- -- -- --



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